About Us

Loyal to a centuries-old tradition since 1962

The firm Sermpos, is a greek small-scale industry specializing at the design and production of traditional woven articles and heavyweight canvas fabrics. It was set up in 1962 at the Heroic City of Naoussa in northern Greece, where is still located, operating at its privately owned premises of 1000m². Nearly sixty years later, Sermpos constitutes one of the longest-existing weaving firms in Greece.

Our prime concern is the rapid customer service and satisfaction as well as the creation of trust relations with our customers. We pay extra attention at the selection of fine quality raw materials in order to achieve the highest quality of the final product. Not only that, our industry tries to keep a low environmental impact during the production process due to the use of recycled yarns or “eco-friendly” fibers, rendering the manufacturing process more sustainable.

Our Story


In 1962, two brothers, Vasilis and Konstantinos Sermpos, established their own weaving factory, in the city of Naoussa Imathia, and more specifically at the basement of their home. They used to produce two different types of products at that time: hessian fabric (made out of hemp and used by tailors to sew suit jackets) and “Flokati” (a handwoven shaggy swollen rug).


In the mid ‘70s, the two brothers transferred the business at their privately owned premises of 1000m2, two kilometers outside of the city of Naoussa, where the operations are still hosted. Together with the production of “Flokati”, a new product was introduced called canvas (a coarse cotton fabric meant for industrial usage).


The two brothers, split the business in two. Grandfather Vasilis together with his son now, Sermpo John, proceeded with the production of acrylic blanket, up until 1986.


In 1988 the business devolved to the son and current owner, Sermpo John. Until 2000, the factory was producing acrylic blankets.


From 2000 and later, the business brings back the production of cotton canvas. At the same time, one more product is added to the production and this is the traditional woven items intended for the tourist market.


2019 brings the era of evolution, as the new weavers generation participate actively at the business activities, bringing fresh, modern product lines and expanding the business abroad through exports beyond the countries of E.U.